Marketing and Communication

Good Marketing makes the Company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.

Marketing Communication is the bridge between Marketing and Branding. Today, it is the formation of Integrated Marketing Communication which is crucial to any Organisation. We know when, where and how to hit the right target audience at the right time and spot as this we reckon is the key to Marketing Communication.

A business may have developed splendid products and put together a supremely talented Management team but ultimately success hinges on persuading significant number of customers to select that Company’s product or services rather than buying from someone else.

Integrated Marketing approach is what we follow at Two Stones in planning Communication that gives your business the potential to get better results from your campaigns and reduce marketing costs. By introducing tools such as advertising, Direct mail, Social Media, Telemarketing and Sales promotion, we provide clarity, consistency and a maximum Communication impact.

Brand & Communications

The signals you communicate about your brand should not just be about what you do or how well you do it, but about what you stand for.

Brand Identity Design

Logos and branding are so important because in a big part of the world, people might not read English or French but are great in remembering the signs.

Brand Strategy

A satisfied customer is the best Brand Strategy of all because it defines what you stand for, a promise you make and the personality you want to convey.

Digital Branding

4 of the top 5 ways of acquiring customers are Digital and many Companies have already reallocated 40% of their Marketing budgets from Traditional to Digital.